Sunday, January 27, 2008

CPS Sketch 49

This was a simple card. All cardstock is su. I used my Martha Stewart scalloped punch for the pink cardstock. I used my flower stickers I got somewhere. I do not remeber as it has been awhile. It is Sunday afternoon and I have been lazy today. Tomorrow is work and I am sure it will be busy there. My boss will be gone for 3 days to a seminar. Payday is Tuesday and she usually passes out the checks but since she will gone it falls in my lap. Damian goes back to school and he will have homework. He likes math but writing is a different story. He was diagnosed last april with Autism, He is not severe because he has been in speech since he was 3 and just really started talking in Jan of last year. He is becoming more social but he still lacks in that dept. I send him to daycare so he can get the social interaction. He will not play sports because the team will be together but he is on the other end of the field, so I gave up. He needs a hair cut but that is a battle I am not ready for today maybe one day this week. As always thnks for stopping by. Enjoy susan


Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

Love this one!!!

Annie said...

This looks wonderful! I love that unusual colour combination.