Sunday, February 3, 2008

Kids and Grown at that, Laurens My Time sketch.

My blood is boiling, I am so mad at my daughters that if either one of them walked threw my front door, I would kick their ass to kingdom come. My oldest daughter can not stay out of her siblings lifes, she doen't like their better halfs. She always trying to get them away from their partners. My youngset daughter had a baby isn July. she has been with her partner for 2 to 3 years. She just got a job at walmarts and she goes to jail last nite, because my oldest daughter hooks her up with her friends,I am thinking hum I know youngest daughter has a warrent for no dl and no insurance she got whne she was pregnant and never took care of. So now what if people she is with have drugs on them she gets busted for that. I can not will not raise another one of her kids, that is the reason why I have her other child to much partying. So on to the card for Laurens My Time sketch All cardstock is su stamped with simple sayings. I used basic black ink colored with my glitter markers I used bliss blue to go around the edges and make a sky. Buttons and ribbon are from walmart. This is a get well card. laurens thanks for your weekly chanllendges, I do like doing them. Oh by the way she my youngest daughter just clled and she needs 500.00 to get out of jail, I told her I didn't have it. Told her to call her sister to get her out of jail she she is the one that instigated it. As always thanks for stopping by. enjoy susan

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Lauren (mytime) said...

That came out so cute! Great use of the scallop oval punch!!!! Thanks so much or playing along :D